Lectures notes

Title: Applications of neural microsystems (P-ITBIO-0042)
Credit value: 3
Category of the subject: optional for students attending Infobionics Engineering Msc at PPCU
Subject owner: Dr. Zoltan Fekete
Teachers involved: Dr. Anita Pongrácz, Dr. Richárd Fiáth, Anita Zátonyi, Ágnes Szabó, Ágoston Csaba Horváth 

Description: this course provides comprehensive insight into the interdisciplinary field of neural microsensors and actuators relying on the recent advances in both material- and neuroscience. Operation principles, technological challanges will be addressed through real applications. Main topics included in the lectures:

1.  History of microscale implants for central and peripheral nervous system research (pdf)

2. Fundamental technological background I. (pdf)

3. Fundamental technological background II. (pdf)

4. Multimodal sensor/stimulator arrays relying on integrated signal processing units (pdf)

5. Introduction into the material selection in terms of functionality, processing and biocompatibility (pdf)

6. Materials, technology and applications of flexible soft implants, microECoGs and peripheral nerve stimulators  (pdf)

7. Optogenetics and challanges in optoelectronic microsystem design (pdf)

8. Thermogenetics and implantable microsystems for infrared neural stimulation (pdf)

9. Integrated drug delivery solutions in microelectrode arrays (pdf)

10. Mechanical interaction between implanted device and neural tissue (pdf)

11. Infuence of physical and chemical properties of microimplant surfaces on long-term stability (pdf)

Questions for the final exam (pdf)


Compulsory: handout of the lectures (available through
the above download links).


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Z. Fekete et al., Multifunctional soft implants to
monitor and control neural activity in the central and peripheral nervous
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Z. Fekete, Recent advances in silicon-based neural
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