PhD topics

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Topic: In vivo characterization of multimodal microdevices for infrared
neural stimulation

Supervisor: Z. Fekete

candidate will design and test an application specific multimodal microdevice,
which is able to thermally excite neuronal population without cross-talk
between thermal actuator (integrated infrared waveguide) and electrical
recording. He/she will perform systematic stimulation experiments in
combination with immunohistology to determine the parameter space of safe in
vivo operation in rodents. Using a multimodal neuroimaging scheme, the effect
of the microdevice induced infrared neural stimulation method on cortical
connectivity will be investigated in combination with recording
electrocorticograms of high spatial resolution. The microfabrication and
neurosurgery background will be provided by the Centre for Energy Research and
Pázmány Péter Catholic University, respectively.